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when you are travelling in a Wingamm motorhome

WINGAMM ON DISPLAY AT THE MAIN CARAVAN SHOW SCOTLANDGLASGOW 6 – 9 FEBRUARY 2020               Our official UK Importer Rockin Vans will present our made-in-Italy monocoque models at the next Caravan Show Scotland – Glasgow 6 -9 February 2020 On display our compact, stylish Micros – VW T6 based and our Brownie on Fiat Ducato and lowered Alko Chassis.
Our ultimate best performing vehicles; with a wheelbase of 3 mt for the Micros  and 3.60 mt for the Brownie the better handling ever. After the show at the three rockin Vans locations it will be possible to get closer to the Wingamm’s models: BIRMINGHAM DEPOT & SHOWROOMRockin Vans Midlands, Unit 11, Lower Park Farm, Dagnell End Road, Beoley, B98 9BESCOTLAND WEST DEPOT Rockin Vans Scotland West, Maybank Industrial Estate, Hurlford, KA1 5HZEDINBURGH DEPOTRockin Vans Edinburgh, Unit 4, Liggat Syke Place, Broxburn, EH52 5NA “Britain has always been a land of adventure, a country constantly in search of cutting-edge motorhomes and high technology.
Thanks to their structural conformation, our compact models are suitable for travelling long distances through the romantic English countryside or for a trip to the coast with its picturesque fishing villages.Rockin Vans assists its customers in finding the right vehicle for any travelling need.
We are sure that Wingamm’s models will meet the most demanding requests thanks to high-safety standards and the charming Italian-style interiors”, says Lorena Turri, the director of the company. Even under a typical English rain that makes the island sparkle with colours, when you are travelling in a Wingamm motorhome, meteorological adversities will not be a hassle.
Designed with materials selected for their high degree of insulation and impermeability to accommodate all seasons, campers will enjoy high-quality comforts, .

Rigorously designed and made in Italy

Safety is always a priority for Wingamm: all products are created with a patented fibreglass monocoque body: a single shell to provide high safety standards.
The resined glass fibres create a very solid, seamless texture and a high-resistance frame, thus reducing the impact on passengers and on the driver in the event of a collision.The minimalist and distinctive design, the clean lines, and the light colours and dyes all arise from the need of lightening, brightening and giving an airy feeling to a small room.
The manufacture of the furniture, crafted by Italian artisans, prioritises an optimal use of the internal space by providing a functional and comfortable environment.
For more information.

Please contact:Wingamm Headquarter [email protected] – Tel +39 045 6750108 RV Campers

62D Galston Road, Hurlford, Kilmarnock, KA1 5HY Tel +44(0)1414048384 [email protected]                           vai al sito web                                                                                                                                                            The post WINGAMM ON DISPLAY AT THE MAIN CARAVAN SHOW SCOTLAND GLASGOW 6 – 9 FEBRUARY 2020 appeared first on Wingamm.


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