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If you’d like to feature in our Vissensa Talks series

Episode 2 features Paul Stevens

Independent Consultant, Facilitator and Coach.
Are you a Business Owner struggling with the continued pressure being applied by the ever changing world we find ourselves in.
Business Consultant, .

Facilitator and Coach Paul Stevens is here to offer some words of advice
From dealing with employees during Furlough

to making difficult business decisions, Paul understands how testing these uncharted waters can be.
Passionate about all things technology, Vissensa welcomes leaders and innovators who are passionate in their own fields to take part in the Vissensa Talks series.
The series invites a range of industry experts and specialists to the Vissensa headquarters in Castle Malwood to talk openly about current issues, the ever changing market and the new norm we find ourselves in.
If you’d like to feature in our Vissensa Talks series, reach out to us today.

Get Involved             Prefer to listen on the go
Continue the conversation…           Paul Stevens Consultant

Facilitator and CoachPaul Stevens                       Steve Groom CEOVissensa                   “Above all else genuinely listen, have better quality conversations and have a 90 or even a 60 day plan!“    Paul Stevens          © Vissensa Limited 2008 -2020 The post Vissensa Talks with Paul Stevens appeared first on Vissensa IT Services.


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