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Important factors for Store and Protect

Store & Protect.
We engineer systems that protect your data.

Your Priority: Connecting people and data

Content is king, which means it’s  more important  than ever to make sure it’s:                             Protected.
At Chesapeake Systems,  our experts  can provide you with a smart, secure storage solution as well as ensure all the right people in your media pipeline have easy access to the files, whether they are ingesting, editing or simply commenting on them.
Here’s what matters.

Media storage presents unique challenges where a lot of the focus is on size and speed

You need to determine the following.
How much  do you need  to store.
How fast does your storage system need to be.
Are you implementing a system where you’re prepared for the worst case scenario and it will continue functioning even if certain components die.
Do you have redundancy.
Would a cloud-based system be best for  your organization .
Important factors for Store and Protect.
Cost  effectiveness .

Where Chesapeake Systems can help
Confused about the difference between a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)

a SAN (Storage Area Network) and a MAM (Media Asset Management) system.
Not to worry,  Chesapeake Systems ’ experts will analyze your workflow to protect against every eventuality that could compromise your data.
We’ll help you think it th rough  to find a system that will fit your future needs.

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Practical  Security Tips .
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Store & Protect.


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