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Multi-Product Lead and Opportunity Management

Marketing & Sales.
Marketing & Sales.
Marketing & Sales.
Proper planning, effective navigation system for the sales team, a definite framework of targets and an effective analytical measure in case of any crisis.

Scroll down      Lead & Opportunity Management

Track open and closed  opportunities  for the Year/Quarter/Month.
Multi-Product Lead and Opportunity  Management .

Lead Heat Map – Analysis Matrix

Email Integrations for  First Response .
Workflow  Management  of Leads.

Third Party Lead Generator Integrations (Just Dial and Others)
Auto and Manual Lead Assignment
Contact & Communication Management

Contacts mean relationship, and contact defragmentation leads to un productivity .
Company /  Contact  Detailed Profiling.
Followup, Minutes of Meeting, Activity.
Multi-Category Assignment for Analysis and MIS.
Third Party Mapping for  Integration s (Tally and Others).

Multi-Product Relationship and Sourcing Management

Inquiry & Quotation.
Clear  Communication  Translates to Content Clients.
Workflow & Approvals.
Sourcing  Management .
Multi-Template Formats.
Integrated DMS, Task and Followups.
Multi-Vendor Price List.
Self  Design Template Format .
Product Management.
When you have In-depth Insights into your Inventory, Productivity is a Click Away.
Product Profiling.
Multi-Contact Relationship.
Inventory Management.
Support and Service Specifics.
Tax Compliant.
MIS Analysis & Reporting.
Extract, Evaluate, and Execute.
Make Data-driven Decisions to Optimize your Actions.
Interactive Dashboards.
Drill – Down Graphs.
Advanced Filtering on Reports.
Extended MIS Reports.
Integration to EdifyBiz BI.
Presales Timeline Management.
Sales team can perform productively only in an information fed scenario.
Hub – A 360Degree Integrated Approach to Business.
Customer / Product / Executive Centric Timeline.
Sales, Target, Performance Analysis.
A business thrives on its sales team.
Target achievements and outstanding performance of the marketing and sales teams.

Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis
Target setting on Various Activities and Sales

Customer / Product / Executive Centric Performance Measures.
Advanced Funnels for Drill Down Analysis.
Tour & Expenses.
Business Trip.
Sales Tour.
Any Company Related Tour.
Don’t worry we got your back.
Advanced Tour Manager with Workflow.
User Defined Policy for Executive Spendings.
Advanced Mobile Based Expense Upload.

Third Party Integration for Expense Management

Global Positioning System.
Always keep in touch, and never miss out on where your employees are through real-time location tracking.
Real Time GPS Tracking and Monitoring.
Attendance In-Out / Meetings Check In-Out.

Salesperson Based Area Coverage

Advansed MIS and Analytics Reporting.
One can say that the entire business rests on the shoulders of the Sales team.
Infographics Dashboard with in depth Insights.
Workflow for Delivery and Installation.

Complete 360 Degree Sales Process coverage

GST Taxation with Reporting.
Sales Target Management.
Self Design Template Format.
Document Management System.
Organized and Efficient, Make the Best of your Paperless Power.
Integrated to All Core EdifyBiz Modules.
Manage it as Private, Public and Shared.
Request File Links with Security.
Supports All File Formats.
Multi Tag Meta Descriptions.
Unlimited Storage with Extended Access Security.
Task Management System.
Systematically Arranged Tasks on the basis of Priority, with One Simple Step Bring Order to Chaos.
Task Management Dashboard.
Task / Sub-Task / Group Task with Extended.
Process Automation through Task Automator.
Task Monitor – Drill-Down Task Monitoring.

Checklist and Preset Checklist Management

Task Quadrant for Task Importance and Urgencies.


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