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Artist: Ameryah Henderson —CITATION— Henderson

issue no.

6      About the Cover Illustration

Ameryah Henderson.
It is difficult to determine where to find our true voices as  human being s and therefore, we are often left on repeat : constantly re voicing the truth of another.
This is also the case for the very important thoughts that we dictate our lives by.  The question here is : “Where is our truth?” Slowly, via the processes of life, there comes a time when the ‘human’ mind realizes that it was never really in control of  determining  the potential of the soul that it is directing, it is then that the deprogrammed mind can come forward.
This release from oppression brings forth a new  understanding  of the defining powers of ‘the other’ and ‘the self’.
The influences of the world are unworldly and can make someone feel less than human until the chains are broken.
It is this concept which my art seeks to explore.
The natural and the inhuman.
This is ‘the stories of:’ for those on repeat, unable to think, unable to learn, and bound to and by forces unknown.
May they soon break free and conceptualize their freedom.
Artist: Ameryah Henderson  —CITATION— Henderson, A.
(2015) Cover Illustration.
Ada: A Journal of Gender, New  Media , and Technology, No.6.
doi:10.7264/N3GB22BT  This work is licensed under a.
Ameryah Henderson.
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Ameryah Henderson.

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