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ASO SPECIALIST                                                   1

Mission              Create app user-based performance with ASO strategy.Lead the application of ASO to operating games and new games throughout the company.Share performance generated by the Global Market through ASO regularly and establish relevant Best Practices.
Role              Maximize the inflow of organic and non-organic users by increasing store conversion rates.
(factor: Keyword, Description, Icon, Screenshot, Video)Plan and implement strategies on App Store Optimization(ASO) targeted at mobile games of various genres.Set up indicators to measure, analyze, and share ASO campaign performance and its impact on UA.Work closely with game development teams, UA team, .

And Data Analysis team to obtain numerical results for efforts to improve ASO (ex

retention, LTV, ROAS,..).Conduct and improve periodic efficiency tests for ASO improvement results.Benchmark and apply competitive cases with a steady interest in mobile game publishing.Get ideas for the latest trends by benchmarking competitive materials.
Required Competencies              [Duties]Planning : Establishing ASO strategyPlanning : Analyzing the basis of success and failure of ASO strategyAction: the execution of strategies Attitude (collaboration): Sharing data and insight related to ASO strategyProficient English skills (verbal & written) [Priority]Ability to analyze indicators for successful mobile gamesA deep understanding of ASO (knowledge of Appstore algorithms, optimization methods, improved Appstore performance, expanded app installation, etc.)Knowledge of SNS (Facebook, Youtube, Google/Apple Store,…)Experience in using App store optimization and analysis tools, software (AppAnnie, SensorTower, AppsFlyer, etc.)The ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and prioritize strategies that are highly effective at low opportunity costs..


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